The Kidsongz studio facility is located in Vancouver Canada, but every phase of production can be conducted over the Internet. From preliminary mp3 pre approval work sketches to final mastered CD quality WAV files and print ready sheet music, everything can be coordinated and delivered directly via the web. Everyone on your team will be simultaneously kept up to speed with the project's progress.

Utilizing the latest in digital recording technologies, the audio quality exceeds anything released to date. The signal processing components are also among the most highly regarded in the industry.

The available instrumentation includes a virtually limitless array of sampled orchestral and ethnic instruments as well as conventional electric and acoustic instruments, some that date back as much as a century.

Depending on the style of a particular song, character voice talent or session singers and players are sub contracted by Kidsongz to enhance the final product, ensuring that the end result is world class in every respect.



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