Kidsongz core production team is Marc LaFrance and Ian Cameron. Both Marc and Ian work full time as recording and performing musicians. They also have unique strengths that compliment the other in their collaborations.

Marc LaFrance

For decades Marc has been one of the top session singers in Canada. He has recorded with such superstars as Cher, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Carly Simon to name just a few.

Marc also heads up independent record label Delinquent Records which licenses music for a huge variety of artists worldwide. He is also fluent in French and sits on the advisory board of FACTOR, the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent On Records. Marc currently tours with Randy Bachman and still finds time to play live gigs with his band Cease and Desist.


Ian Cameron

Ian is a GRAMMY nominated multi-instrumentalist who started with violin at age 5. He has had extensive classical training but also studied jazz and has traveled the globe as a rock guitarist. He has written several radio singles that have charted in North America and Europe.

In addition to performing live with numerous other artists, Ian has engineered and produced some of Vancouver's most promising young talents. He also runs several successful on-line music services including where he records for clients worldwide in a vast array of styles.

All the above combined activities give both partners an incredible depth of understanding with regard to music styles and composition techniques. Every Kidsongz project benefits from their vast experience.



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