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Thousands of Unique Violin and Fiddle Loops

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Violin | Fiddle | String Loops

Thousands of Unique Fiddle and Violin Loops

The ViolinLoops | FiddleLoops catalogue features thousands of 24 bit, Royalty Free Violin Loops, Fiddle Loops, String Loops and Samples in AppleLoop AIF file format.  These easily import into any DAW, Mac or PC.

Take only the Fiddle | Violin Loops You Want

Unlike Loop collections that force you to buy additional content you never use, the ViolinLoops Loop Store lets you select and download the individual fiddle loops and samples or violin loops and samples that you want. Quickly find the fiddle and violin loops that you need for your production without paying for stuff you may never use.

Search the entire catalogue based on Key, Tempo or Genre. Find the licks or riffs you need to enhance your current track or use these loops and samples to inspire completely new songs.

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GRAMMY® Nomiated Violinist

Ian Cameron (aka efiddler) can record Violin or Fiddle tracks specifically for your individual project.

High resolution 24 bit files can be sent to you via FTP in WAV or AIF format supporting whatever DAW you use.  

Getting master quality violin tracks or fiddle tracks on your recordings is easy.  Check out the procedure by clicking On-Line Recording below.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction or there is no charge.  Read what past clients have had to say at the Client Reviews link.

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Featured Loop Styles and Free Sample Links

String Samples

String players intonate notes precisely while liberally applying vibrato which typically rolls below the intended pitch. This gives ensembles that lush chorus effect.

Celtic Fiddle

The defining characteristics of Celtic Fiddle are the rapid, rhythmic bow articulations and rolling note ornamentations on either side of the melody note.

Gypsy Violin

Gypsy Violin often uses harmonic minor or double harmonic minor Byzantine tonalities combined with wider emotive vibrato.

Country Fiddle

Country Fiddle is unique stylistically because the players often slide into the intended notes. Rhythmic sawing bow paterns give this style it’s characteristic propulsion.

Cajun Fiddle

Cajun music is dance music plain and simple. This style is all about bow rhythms and open notes are often dragged along with the melody notes to add gumbo. 

Electric Violin

Electric Violinists often use digital and analog effects the same way electric guitarists would. Fretless violin gives the ultimate flexibility for bending into and out of notes.